Sr. Name of the book Quantity Trade
1 Nimi Trade Theory Electrician    
2 Nimi Trade Practical Electrician    
3 Nimi Trade Theory COPA    
4 Nimi Trade Practical COPA    
5 NIMI Trade Theory Mech. Diesel    
6 NIMI Trade Practical Mech. Diesel    
7 NIMI Trade Theory Fitter    
8 NIMI Trade Practical Fitter    



Sr.  Name of the Item Quantity
1 Badminton Set 2
2 Chess Board  5
3 Carom Board 5
4 Volley Board (with Net) 2

Exracurricular Activities

      These are important for the growth of the trainee's so we are generally organizing the Extra curricular activities on the different occasion like Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, Vishwakarma Puja etc.. The activities which are necessary to grow the mental and physical status of the trainees.

Right to Information 

Appellate Officer Name Duration Tentative Date of course When to apply Application Foram (Download link)

Certification such as ISO 9000,ISO 29990 etc

  As our Instituttion is new and we are trying apply for such certification and for this we are inquring the companies which are providing these types of certificates