Semester System

Structure of training Programme has been converted into semester system in place of long term, w.e.f August, 2013

The courses have been designed to impart basic skills and knowledge in the trades so as to prepare trainee for employment as a semi-skilled worker or for self-employment.

As 70% of the training period is allotted to practical training and the rest to subjects relating to Trade Theory, Workshop Calculation & Science, Engineering Drawing, therefore, emphasis is on skill building.

For over all personality development of trainees, a course on “Employability Skill” has been introduced from session July, 2012.The subject cover topics introduced on IT Literacy, English Literacy, Occupational Safety and Health, Quality tools, Communication Skills,  Entrepreneurship Skills, Environment Educationand Labour Welfare legislation.

Responsibilities of State Directors and DGT for OMR based CTS examination PDF Image  2.1 MB

Objection/Suggestion raised on Question Paper by State Directorates during AITT under CTS held in Jan/Feb, 2016 PDF Image  2.57 MB

Semester System Examination PDF Image  1.14 MB

Collection of OMR sheets of AITT under CTS held in January/February, 2016 PDF Image  1.06 MB

Guidelines for used OMR in AITT under CTS-January/February, 2016 PDF Image  1.35 MB

Guidelines for AITT (Semester System/Conventional) under CTS to be held in January/February, 2016 PDF Image  11.66 MB

Opening of NCVT-MIS portal for uploading the data of 2nd Semester (MC) trainees appeared in AITT, July, 2015 PDF Image  565.05 KB

 Re-opening of NCVT MIS Portal for AITT under CTS (Semester-I) August, 2014 PDF Image  71.42 KB

Upload the Answer Key of AITT under CTS (Semester System/Mentro Council) held in July/August, 2015 PDF Image  49.63 KB

Re-opening of NCVT MIS Portal for AITT under CTS (Semester-I), August, 2014 PDF Image  44.4 KB

Generation of Hall Ticket for AITT under CTS (Semester System) to be held in July, 2015 PDF Image  1008.15 KB

Guidelines for OMR based AITT under CTS (Semester System)-Feb, 2015 PDF Image  1.15 MB

Appearing of Failed candidates in AITT under CTS Semester System. PDF Image  43.58 KB

Requirement of OMR sheets for AITT under CTS to be held in July, 2015 PDF Image  196.58 KB

Quarries received for Feb. 2015 examination PDF Image  214.71 KB

Packing content details of OMR PDF Image  349.46 KB

Guidelines for OMR based CTS Semester System)-February, 2015 PDF Image  1.52 MB

Examination Fees under Semester System PDF Image  70.16 KB

Hall Ticket generated for Practical paper of CTS (Sem-1) examination of rescheduled progremme PDF Image  53.79 KB

Generation of Hall Ticket for 1st Semester Trainees PDF Image  72.73 KB

Negative marking for unanswered Question- clarification PDF Image  43.84 KB