Infrasturcture, Building and Workshop

Sl. No Ownership Documents/Lease agreement for rented building             In Square Meters                                      Link to Scanned document/Image                 
a.  Total Area 7748.95  
b.  Covered Area 2950.50  
c.  Total class Rooms Area    
d.   Drawing Hall    
e.  Audio Visual Hall    
f.   Computer Lab 39  
g.   Playground Area 4500  
h.  Library 54  
i.  Remarks  

Trade Specific Infrastructure, Building and Workshop

Trade Unit Class Room Area per Unit Total Class room area for trade Workshop area per unit Total Workshop area for trade Remarks(Photograph
Electrician 2 30 sq M 54 Sq. M. 98 Sq. M. 112.5 Sq. M.  
Computer Operator Programming Assistant 2 30 Sq. M 54 Sq. M. 70 Sq. M 105 Sq. M.  

Electric Power Supply

Present Electric Load 30 kw  Hyperlink to document proof
 Date of Connection  23/11/2000  
 Connection in the name of    Principal Govt ITI Binjusar  
 Meter No. 05286240  
 Seal No. --  
 Remarks --