Directorate of Technical Education was established by the State Government Order Number: D-6320 / F.3 (487) Education / GAP-2/56 dated 17 August 1956 for the development and operation of diploma level technical education in the state, headquartered in Jodhpur is. Directors (Education) (for Polytechnics) and Directors (Training) (ITI) are working in the Directorate.
With better coordination of implementation of various schemes / programs / agencies / missions / Acts and rules related to skill training, planning and entrepreneurship for youth in Rajasthan by State Government Notification 30 (4) Sr./15 dated 04.08.2015 Establishment of "Skill, Planning and Entrepreneurship Department" has been approved by Hon'ble Governor hereby. The work to be done under the Director (Training) (ITI) is done under this newly formed department and the 'Commissioner' of the Department of Skills, Planning and Entrepreneurship is 'Commissioner' of Skills, Planning and Entrepreneurship. The headquarters of this Commissionerate is in the Kaushal Bhawan campus located in Jhalana Institutional Area of Jaipur.
Under the newly formed "Department of Skills, Planning and Entrepreneurship", technical education (training) ie ITI. The main objective of this is to provide technically trained manpower by training the artisans in accordance with modern technology and to provide training to the students under the provisions of Apprenticeship Act 1961 in state and private sector industrial establishments under the apprenticeship training scheme.