Government Industrial Training Institute, Rajakhera( Dholpur) (GITI,Rajakhera) is one of the premier institutions in the District. It is well known and well recognized for its vocationa training standards and placements.We also have associative relationals with leading industries in and around the area. We provide a resource instituete for training of technica personal , workers etc. GITI, Rajakhera since its conception has been ensuring a steady flow of skilled personal to reduce unemployment amongst the educated students equippingthem with necessary disicipline, education and skills for suitable industrial employment as well as self employment.

          This esteemed institution has been established by State Government and run by DTE (Rajasthan),Jodhpur with the core aim of economically developing and empoering men and omen of all sections of the society by equipping them with varies skills. It has been set-up under the CRAFTSMAN  TRAINING  SCHEME affiated to the National Council for vocational Training (NCVT), through the Directorate General of Employment and training (DGE & T), Govt.of india under the ministry of Labour, New Delhi.It has been established on june 2nd,1959.Campus of institution is spread over 3202 Sq. mtr .Where as covered area is 1849.75 Sq. mtr. Growth and development of industry is very much related to development of industrial coming out from various industrial Training Institues are able to meet the expectation of industry.

To ensure the compentency of trained student of ITI'S at per with the international requirement NCVT DGET and QCI has joined hands to establish an accreditation mechanism in line with international benchmark. The synergy between these organizations will help us to meet the national target of skilled man power not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

              This institute aims to facilitate it with top-notch of technical education. We hope to take this institution at the aime of technical education especially interaction with industries that will further improvement skills of students and to gain knowledge of latest technology......