New and revised trade

Automobile Sector


Name of the Trade



1. Mechanic Diesel Engine   Download
2. Mechanic Motor Vehicle    Download
3. Mechanic (Tractor)   Download
4. Pump operator cum Mechanic   Download
5. Mechanic Auto electrical and Electronics   Download
6. Mechanic Agricultural Machinery   Download
7. Mechanic Motor Cycle    Download
8. Mechanic Auto body repair   Download
9. Mechanic Auto body Painting    Download

Beauty and Wellness

S.No. Name of the Trade
Remark Pdf
1. Basic Cosmetology Semester I  Download Semester II Download    
2. Spa Therapy   Download


Construction, Construction Material, and Real Estate

S.No. Name of the Trade Remarks Pdf
1 Carpenter   Download
2 Surveyor   Download
3 Pump Operator Cum Mechanic   Download
4 Interior Design & Decoration   Download
5 Civil Draughtsman   Download
6 Architecture Draughtsman    Download
7 Mechanic Refrigeration and Air-conditioning   Download
8 Plumber    Download
9 Architecture Assistant    Download
10 Mason   Download

Electronics & Hardware

S.No. Name of the Trade Remarks Pdf
1. Electronics mechanic   Download
2. Mechanic consumer Electronics appliances   Download
3. Technician Power Electronics systems   Download



Name of the Trade

Remarks Pdf
1 Welder   Download
2 Sheet MetalWorker    Download
3 Welder (GWAW & GTAW)   Download
4 Welder Pipe    Download
5 Welder Structural    Download
6 Welder (Welding & Inspection)   Download
7 Welder (Fabrication & Fitting)   Download
8 BambooWorks   Download

Food Processing & Preservation

S.No. Name of the Trade Remarks Pdf
1. Craftsman Fruits & vegetables Processing (CTS)   Download
2. Craftsman Bakery & Confectionery (CTS)   Download
3. Milk & Milk Product (New)   Download
4. Food Beverages - New   Download
5. Agro Processing - New    Download


S.No. Name of the Trade Remarks Pdf
1. Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance   Download
2. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant   Download
3. Data Base System Assistant    Download
4. Desk Top Publishing Operator    Download
5. Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance   Download
6. Information Technology    Download
7. Multimedia ,Animation & Special Effects    Download
8. Software Testing Assistant    Download

Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Wiring, and ElectricalEquipments

S.No. Name of the Trade Remarks Pdf
1. Electrician   Download
2. Wireman    Download
3. Electroplater   Download
4. Lift and Escalator Mechanic   Download

Production & Manufacturing


Name of the Trade



1. Turner   Download
2. Machinist   Download
3. Machinist (Grinder)   Download
4. D/man (Mechanical)   Download
5. Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance   Download
6. Operator Advanced Machine Tools    Download
7. Fitter   Download
8. Tool & Die Maker (Dies &Moulds)   Download
9. Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixture)   Download
10. Foundry man Technician   Download
11. Metal Cutting Attendant for Visually impaired Person   Download
12. Refractory Technician    Download
13. Plate Maker Cum Impositer (Non – Engg)   Download
14. Litho – Offset Machine Minder (Non Engg)   Download

Textile & Apparel Sector


Name of the Trade

Remarks Pdf
1. Fashion Design Technology   Download
2. Sewing technology    Download
3. Dress Making    Download
4. Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)    Download
5. Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing    Download
6. Spinning Technician    Download
7. Textile Mechatronics    Download
8. Textile wet Processing Technician    Download
9. Weaving Technician   Download
10. Weaving Technician for Silk &Woollen Fabrics   Download

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

S.No. Name of the Trade Remarks Pdf
1. Baker and Confectioner   Download
2. Food & Beverages Guest Service Assistant    Download
3. Food Production (General)   Download
4. Front Office Assistant    Download
5. House Keeper   Download
6. Old Age Care Assistant    Download
7. Preparatory School Management (Assistant)    Download
8. Secretariat Practice    Download
9. Stenography & Secretarial Assistant (English)    Download
10. Stenography (Hindi)   Download
11. Tourist Guide    Download
12.  Travel and Tour Assistant    Download