Information dissemination on safe, orderly and regular migration


All holders of Indian passports, whose educational qualification is below Matric/X Class (the equivalent of 10th grade in the American system), have a notation ‘Emigration Check Required (ECR)’ stamped in their passports. Under the Emigration Act of 1983, they are required to obtain an Emigration Clearance (EC) while migrating to 18 notified countries for employment/work.

The 18 notified countries are as under:

1.      United Arab Emirates (UAE)                   

2.      Afghanistan                                            

3.      Bahrain                                                    

4.      Iraq                                                           

5.      Indonesia                                                     

6.      Jordan                                                            

7.      Kuwait                                                              

8.      Lebanon

9.      Libyan Arab Jamahriya

10.    Malaysia

11.    Oman

12.    Qatar

13.    Saudi Arabia

14.    South Sudan

15.    Sudan

16.    Syrian Arab Republic

17.    Thailand

18.    Yemen

For Emigrant having ECR passports and going to notified (ECR) countries, they will be given electronic emigration clearance by the Protector of Emigrants (PoE) of respective locations through the e Migrate system.

What is e-Migrate System – e-Migrate is a transformational initiative of the Overseas Employment Division of MEA, GoI, to automate the current emigration process and eco system. The ministry has undertaken this transformational e-governance program with the vision to transform emigration into a simply, transparent and humane process. The e-migrate system fully automates the operations of offices of Protector of Emigrant and Protector General of Emigrants. Also all key stake holders in the emigration life cycle like Indian Mission, Protector General of Emigration, POE, Employers, Project Exporters, Recruitment Agents, Emigrants and Insurance agencies are electronically linked on a common platform.


e-Migrate System

The key highlights e-migrate system are:

1.      Public website (

2.      Restricted website –for deep insight view stakeholders can use this with login id passport.

3.      Integration with passport system for validation of emigrant’s passport details.

4.      Online payment of application processing fee, if applicable.

5.      Integration with insurance company system for validation of Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana policy details.

6.      Use of digital signatures for ensuring source authentication, data integrity and ensuring non-repudiation of digitally signed documents.

7.      Electronic emigration clearance

8.      Integration with Bureau of Emigration system for validation of emigrant’s emigration clearance status at International Airport.

9.      Helpline to provide support to various users.


Why Emigration Check is required?

EC is required from Protector of Emigrants with following conditions:

•        ECR (Emigration Check required) passport holders & Nurses

•        Migrating to one of the 18 ECR countries for work.

•        Providing necessary Pre Departure Orientation to emigrant workers and creating requisite awareness to ensure safe, orderly, legal and humane migration process.

•        PDO is essentially about imparting soft skills to the migrants regarding do’s and don’ts in the country of destination, imparting basic information about the customs and laws of destination country , awareness on etiquette, culture and way of living etc. in these countries and sensitising prospective migrants about government’s support framework for their welfare and protection.


How to register on e Migrate system

Online registration of emigrants for Pre-Departure Orientation training through e-Migrate system

The facility of online registration of emigrants for Pre-Departure Orientation training has been enabled to e-migrate system. Recruitment Agents can opt to apply for PDO for emigrants. The option is available on e-migrate for each emigrant. Recruitment Agents may opt to enrol on behalf of the prospective emigrants in e-migrate for PDOT from any of the designated PDOT centres. On the completion of online enrolment, the system has the provision to send details of the emigrant and proposed date of PDO training to the e-mail ID of the PDOT centre (Which was selected at the time of online enrolment) with a copy to RA. 



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